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Cyber Thieves Take advantage of Live Chat Features

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JAKARTA - Free live chat is usually used by various companies to deliver live support service on its website, it is suspected or has been abused phiser cyber thieves in the world to action.
Not good signs that it has detected the antivirus company Symantec. Some time ago, Symantec discovered a phishing site that used to steal sensitive information masquerading as live chat service.

According to Symantec, cyber criminals are always looking for new techniques in the hunt for user information. In many cases, phishing sites that target the customer login credentials created by fraud on the login page leading brands.

"In these last cases, phishing sites targeting the same credentials to disguise the support website. Phishing site displays a fake chat sessions to make the page looks genuine to convince customers that the site is interactive," explained Symantec, in his statement, Tuesday 31, August.

Then, these phishing pages and ask for customer ID directly driving customers to enter questions to be asked to the representative. After entering your details and click the Chat button, the page will be redirected to the chat window.

Chat window stating that the representative will soon be online to help customers.
After a few seconds, a message is displayed stating that the representative has been prepared. Also displays the chat window below the time marker to mimic the original website, but the markers of time are false and are displayed any time also false.

"Every incoming message from the customers do not get answers. Chat window will then display a message that the representative has left the chat session. After a few minutes later ended the chat session and the page displays an email form," continued Symantec.

Page that states, online support is not active for the maintenance and driving customers to try again or leave an email for online support representative.
Although the pages look interactive, the site does not involve a response from the people and all chat sessions conducted automatically by computer. Phishing sites are placed in the web hosting.

Source : Fajar News

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