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Blogging easy and cool with BlogDive.Com

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Blogging world is not ending flourish. Every day more and more are joined to enliven the world of blogging. Various intentions and interests have been poured into a digital media versatile.

Now, not only those who play in the digital platform diary (blog) a growing but a free blog providers became more numerous and varied. But still they use the engine from a big blog providers such as the engine of Wordpress.Org Blogger.Com.

Now they (a free blog provider) enliven the world of blogs come with pampering service users from their blogs with the service - their services vary. Surely a free blog service users must use a subdomain with the name of blog service providers who have been determined. There was no other option but to one subdomain that has been determined. This will make us less visible blog is different from the others.

Well, now comes another free blog service providers are Free blog providers that this one uses Wordpress engine and of course have several options domains and a lot of quite interesting for you to choose from. Unlike the blog of which may not be in Wordpress.Com is monetizing with google adsense, I see Blogdive.Com allows users to monetizing their blogs by adding google adsense into their blogs. I know of some blogs that have been using google adsense Blogdive.Com. One example can be seen here Well, this is another Free Wordpress Blog.
Blogdive.Com is Free blogging media has some cool options that domain name as follows:

Obviously this will add to the comfort of your blogging. SEO and Monetize. If you want to have a blog from BlogDive, please go to here. And following the example blog that I had made (

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nice info buddy,,cheers

@ berita untuk negri : Thanks..
@ Mukhtaruddin : ehehe.. begitulah.. Alhamdulillah..:)

cari SB kok g ad. hiks.. T_T

nice info kawan!!
sukses yoo!!

saya tetep setia ma blogger dulu :D

thanks ya infonya.
saya lyat-lyat dulu websitenya. :D

kalau saya lebih memilih . . lebih mudah di Modif . . .

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